The Committee on Culture, Education and Mass Media 

The Committee on Culture and Education perimeter of action in fact has goes much beyond its framework. In addition to dissemination and promotion of European cultural values and raising educational standards, its members are working in the field of media law, EU’s information and youth policy. A new ppolicy created by the Lisbon Treaty  is the sport and recreation policy.


The Committee is directly responsible for the promotion and dissemination of culture, the protection and encouragement of cultural and linguistic diversity, the conservation and preservation of cultural heritage, cultural exchange and different works of art.


Within the Committee’s powers in the field of education, are the higher education, the encouragement  and promotion of the system of European schools and lifelong learning.


The focus of the media sphere are the audiovisual policy and cultural and educational aspects of the information society . Also part of the powers of the Committee on Culture and Education are the cooperation with third countries in the field of culture and education and relationships with relevant international organizations and institutions.


30 MEPs work at the Committee as full members under the chairmanship of Mrs. Doris Pack, German Christian Democrat,  and another 32 MEPs work with the status of substitude members. Mr. Emil Stoyanov is the only Bulgarian member of the Committee on Culture and Education.