The Committee on Culture, Education and media 

MEPs will get familiar with Plovdiv's cultural heritage

Emil Stoyanov with the Chair of the Committee on Culture Doris Pack

Following the invitation of the Member of the European Parliament Emil Stoyanov the Committee on Culture, Education and Media of the European Parliament will hold its 2012 delegation in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In October 2012 the members of the Committee will visit the Old Town and see the unique architecture and cultural heritage of Plovdiv.


Emil Stoyanov calls for simplification of the accreditation process of journalists in Brussels

The Committee on Culture, Education and Media will vote on the draft report of Committee's vice-chair Morten Løkkegaard "Journalism and new media" on June 23.

Emil Stoyanov noted "The lack of information on the EU in the mass media of the Member States is a widely acknowledged fact, thus, I have tabled some suggestions for amendments, which aim to stimulate both public and private media to cover more broadly European topics".


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