Initiatives of Emil Stoyanov 

Emil Stoyanov meets students from Plovdiv

Initiatives of Emil Stoyanov - 20/06/2012 | 11:23
The participants together with Emil Stoyanov infront of the information center in Plovdiv

In his office in Plovdiv Emil Stoyanov met with students from High School "Ivan Vazov" and the French School "Antoine de Saint Exupery." The young people are from grades X and XI and members in a European debates' club. During this extracurricular activity they learn about the work of European institutions and particularly about the work of a Member of the European Parliament.

Already at the beginning of the meeting Emil Stoyanov, who is Member of the Committee on Culture, Education and Media of the European Parliament, urged the young people to be practical and rational in terms of their education. The students wanted to know how to succeed in life.

Emil Stoyanov told the young people from the European debates' club about the work of MEPs, about for the power and responsibility of the European Parliament and the European Commission. Also the opportunities for trainees within the European institutions were discussed.


At the end of the meeting Emil Stoyanov urged the students to continue their education in Bulgaria. Because while studying at home, they will adapt to the Bulgarian labor market. He also advised them to continue their training abroad with the help of European funds. According to Emil Stoyanov this is the more successful and effective model for young people from now on. He predicted the effective integration of our country in the European Union over the next few years.

The meeting ended with a photo session and with an extended invitation to visit the European Parliament in Brussels next year.