Digital Agenda Assembly

News - 22/06/2012 | 18:57

On 21st and 22nd June in the European Parliament took place Digital Agenda Assembly of the European Commission, where were discussed ways to foster the economic growth and development of the single digital market.


On 21st June the Assembly started with 8 workshops on different topics: 1. "Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device? Converged Media Platforms", 2. "High-speed connections", 3. "Trust What You Buy, Choose How to Pay? The Future of e-Commerce in Europe", 3. "Trust What You Buy, Choose How to Pay? The Future of e-Commerce in Europe", 4. "Social Media: Social Networking for Economic Recovery, Jobs and Growth", 5. "Data", 6. "Clouds for Europe: From Cloud-friendly to Cloud-Active", 7. "Security: Secure Digital Future: building on growth, innovation and confidence", 8. "Innovation and entrepreneurs" .


On the second day, the Assembly was opened by Vice-President and Commissioner on digital technology - Neelie Kroes, who emphasized the importance of digital single market and the active participation of citizens in its creation.


The meeting continued with three panels: "Creating growth and jobs with the digital single market: the way forward", "Delivering Internet-based innovation as a way out of the crisis: the role of Horizon 2020" and "Everybody online and empowered: the impact of online activism and the global netizens". In the discussion, the distinguished participants were: Harry van Dorenmalen - Chairman of IBM Europe, Eze Vidra - Head of Google's campus in London and Isabel Navarro - President of TwinDocs.


During the discussion, participants commented that the development of the digital market can be facilitated if changes are imposed in legislation, new ideas are supported and copyright and consumer rights are kept. Suggestions were made for the introduction of incentives such as facilitation of the payments made over the Internet and reduction of the VAT cost on such payments. Participants in the Assembly concluded that without creation of digital single market and jobs positions in the area, Member States will face difficult future.


The program of the seminar included the awarding ceremony of young professionals, who participated in the competition organized from the European digital library "Europeana" for the development and design of IT applications for the platform.